According to Volvo the S60 “offers great handling, natural driving dynamics and legendary Volvo comfort”,  all in a “thrillingly elegant form”, furthermore the claim you’ll “make any excuse to get behind the wheel”. We’ll be the judge of that!

From what we can tell, the Volvo S60 is raring to go no matter what engine you choose for it, there is a 2.0-litre diesel option in both D4 and D5 form (the D5 has more to give thanks to a increase to 202bhp),the other diesel variant on offer is the 115bhjp 1.6-litre DRIVe which is easily the most economic.  The T3 petrol engine is the smallest petrol engine on offer, but it still offers a fair bit and doesn’t feel sluggish. There is also a turbocharged T6 petrol engine which is the one if you want some serious power. So it all depends on what you put first in terms of economy and performance, or whether you prefer a nice balance between the s60

You will find yourself feeling nice and comfortable in the drivers seat, made all the more relaxing by the enjoyable ride that the ix20 offers, the wheels grip the road well, handling is nice and crisp and body movement is rarely an issue. It is a well refined vehicle though it has been criticized for being a bit more noisy than some of its rivals such as the Audi A4 however it is also cheaper than it’s German rivals, but you don’t get as good residuals, so it’s  swings and roundabouts really.

One area the S60 excels in is safety features, you get six airbags, Volvo’s city safe system, and stability control as standard which is typically generous, and then you get extra clever and thoughtful options which make driving the S60 even safer.

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