Volvo C30

Volvo C30

 The Volvo C30 is a well designed hatchback that drives well and comes with plenty of kit. The Volvo-C30 comes with a choice of five petrol engines ranging from a 1.6-litre 99bhp unit to a 2.5-litre 217bhp Turbo charged engine. There are three diesel engines offered as well. The C-30 delivers a firm ride but tends to loosen up at speed. The steering feels weighted and responsive. Overall the Volvo C 30 delivers a decent ride and although wind and road noise are present the petrol engines help to keep cabin noise down to a dull roar. The diesel engines are louder and their presence is much more evident. The Volvo-C30 is less expensive to purchase than most of its competitors. Volvo has also included a generous amount of kit as standard and the car’s interior feels durable. The C 30 is Volvo’s smallest offering yet the little hatch is loaded with kit. The Volvo C30 is an attractive hatch that delivers a decent ride. Body roll is well controlled and head and legroom are more than adequate for front seat passengers. Rear passengers enjoy less room but should be comfortable enough on shorter trips.


 The Volvo C30 comes with a decent asking price. The C30 is less expensive than most rival brands. Insurance rates and fuel economy should be low as well. The c-30 offers a generous amount of kit as standard. That should help to keep the initial purchase price down. The C30 provides excellent passenger space to front seat passengers with more than adequate head and legroom. Rear passengers don’t fair quite so well and the rear seats should be reserved for smaller passengers or short journeys. The Volvo’s switchgear feels durable and sturdy, but some of the switches are small and fiddly. Everything is practically placed and functional. The driver’s seat and steering wheel are fully adjustable. The C-30 makes it easy to get comfortable with large supportive seats in the front and plenty of head and legroom. Rear passengers will find it more challenging to get comfortable especially for longer distances. The Volvo-C30 is an easy car to park. It provides light steering, good handling, and good all-round good visibility. Thanks to the C30’s small size it is easy to maneuver into even the smallest parking space.

 Life Style

The Volvo C30 was not designed for performance but has enough power that it never feels lacking. The C30 drives and handles well and despite its small size it handles road imperfections well. The C30 is probably too small for a primary family car. The C30 has limited seating and storage space. The boot is on the small side as well. The C-30 would make a good commuter car or second car to a family. The Volvo C30 would make an ideal first car. It is affordable to purchase, run, and insure. Even novice drivers should be able to easily navigate the C30 through crowded mall parking lots and congested roadways. Volvo has a long standing reputation for reliability and practicality. The C30 presents an attractive but conservative exterior design. Volvo has fitted the C30 with sound mechanicals that should prove to be dependable over time.

 Security and Safety

The Volvo C30 comes standard with deadlocks and a visible VIN number. The Volvo C-30 is not likely to be on the top of a thief’s wish list. The C 30’s standard safety features include six airbags, anti-whiplash head restraints for front seat passengers, and stability control features. Volvo has a good reputation when it comes to safety.

 The Finishing Touches

The C30’s standard audio unit includes an integrated stereo unit with MP3 compatibility. The unit’s basic functions are duplicated on the car’s steering-wheel for the driver’s convenient. The C30 also comes standard with climate control, electric windows, and alloy wheels. Higher spec models come equipped with plush upholstery, cruise control, larger alloy wheels, leather seats, and heated front seats.


The Volvo C30 is a viable alternative to the competition. It is reasonably priced and delivers a decent ride. The small hatch is easy to drive and park and although space is limited the C30 provides an affordable and economical ride and should prove to be dependable.

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